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The Practice


This is a nurse practitioner practice whose main focus is to promote healthy community living by providing in-home medical services to patients in the comfort of their own homes. Located in Northwest Baltimore County, we will see patients within a 30 mile radius. We provide primary care services to manage acute, episodic and chronic conditions.  We are also able to collaborate with current primary care providers whose patients find themselves temporarily homebound.

Iryne Zziwa-Kabenge, MSN, CRNP, AAHIVS

Iryne Zziwa-Kabenge is the founding owner of Z-Adult Clinical Practice. She received her Bachelors in Nursing from University of Maryland and she completed her advanced practice education from Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing where she trained as an Adult Nurse Practitioner. She is also certified as an HIV specialist with American Academy of HIV Medicine. A nurse since 1997 and a nurse practitioner since 2008, she has over 20 years of nursing experience in variety of areas including acute care, long term care, and home care.


Her work in home care profoundly transformed her career and served as inspiration for starting Z-Adult Clinical Practice. In home care she recognized the medical needs for older adults who desired to continue living independently and for families who wished to continue providing care for their loved ones in their homes, but were facing difficulties related to accessing adequate medical care. Although a large proportion of this population is insured, physically accessing a medical provider remains challenging. This stems from barriers such as poorly managed chronic medical conditions, mental health issues, physical disabilities and even unfavorable medical provider office hours.


This unfortunately has translated into higher costs for our medical system as this population fails to find a way out of the “Home--ER--Hospitalization” revolving door, although many conditions are manageable and modifiable if routine medical care were available.  Z-Adult Clinical Practice seeks to meet this need and serve patients in the best way possible. To provide care….where you are.

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