Episodic Care

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Episodic Care

If you can’t visit your primary care provider because you’re temporarily housebound, you could benefit from episodic care. Iryne Zziwa-Kabenge, MSN, CRNP, AAHIVS, at Zziwa Adult Clinical Practice in Owings Mills, Maryland, provides episodic care in collaboration with your usual health care provider. You can also benefit from episodic care if you don’t have a primary care provider. Call Zziwa Adult Clinical Practice to learn more about episodic care or request an appointment by completing the online booking form today.

Episodic Care Q & A

What is episodic care?

Episodic care provides patients with diagnosis and treatment for a specific problem. It’s ideal for people who don’t have their own primary care provider, because they can access expert medical help even when they aren’t registered at a particular practice.

One of Zziwa Adult Clinical Practice’s primary uses of episodic care is to support patients whose primary care provider doesn’t offer in-home care or medical house call services.

If you’re temporarily homebound, Iryne works with your usual provider to ensure you get high-quality care at home. You can resume visiting your provider in person when you’re no longer homebound.


When might I need episodic care at home?

You might need episodic care at home if you can’t visit your usual primary care provider in person because you’re too sick. Other reasons why people may find it difficult to attend in-person appointments at a doctor’s office or clinic include:

Mobility challenges

Difficulty walking, using a wheelchair, balance disorders, and needing oxygen are just some of the mobility challenges people face, especially in older age.

Daily living issues

Many people have problems with everyday activities like dressing, cooking, eating, toileting, and bathing. You may have a chronic pain condition that affects your ability to move freely, or arm and leg weakness. Incontinence can also make it difficult to get around.

Comfort and privacy

Many patients — especially older adults and those who have mental and physical health problems — prefer being at home, where they feel the most comfortable and secure.

Lack of transportation

You might have problems getting to a medical appointment if you don’t drive, have no one who can easily take you, or struggle with public transportation.

Restricted availability

Many people struggle to attend appointments during traditional business hours of 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.


What can I expect from episodic care?

Zziwa Adult Clinical Practice provides several episodic care services, including:

Urgent care

Iryne offers diagnosis and treatment for common acute conditions such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, headaches and migraines, skin rashes, and fevers.

Chronic illness management

If you suffer from a symptom flareup that prevents you from leaving home, Iryne visits you and offers advice, suggests additional treatments, and ensures there are no complications requiring further intervention. Iryne specializes in geriatric care and supporting people with HIV.

Call Zziwa Adult Clinical Practice to learn more about taking advantage of episodic care services, or book an appointment online today.