Medical House Call Services

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Medical House Call Services

Medical house call services enable providers to see patients in their homes where they’re comfortable. Iryne Zziwa-Kabenge, MSN, CRNP, AAHIVS, at Zziwa Adult Clinical Practice in Owings Mills, Maryland, is passionate about delivering the best possible health care to people who can’t visit medical offices in person. She also enjoys getting to know her patients and developing a personal connection with them. Call Zziwa Adult Clinical Practice for more information about the medical house call services Iryne provides, or arrange an appointment using the online scheduling feature.

Medical House Call Services Q & A

What are medical house calls?

Medical house calls are health care appointments that take place in your home. Zziwa Adult Clinical Practice provides in-home care and medical house call services to adults living in a private residence or assisted-living facility.

Iryne has 20 years of experience in nursing and home care. She delivers comprehensive medical house call services with compassion and respect.


What medical house call services are available?

Medical house call services Zziwa Adult Clinical Practice offers include:

Primary health care

Primary care covers everyday medical needs, from diagnosis and treatment to preventive care measures such as immunizations, routine physicals, and blood pressure checks.

Acute care

Acute conditions happen suddenly, causing unpleasant and/or painful symptoms. Common examples include colds, diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, rashes, and urinary tract infections (UTIs). 

Iryne assesses and treats your symptoms accordingly, ensuring you get additional care for any complications that arise from an acute infection.

Episodic care

Episodic care assists patients whose primary care provider doesn’t offer home visits. Iryne liaises with your provider while you’re homebound, keeping them informed and coordinating your care until you can make in-office visits again. Episodic care is also available for people who don’t have a primary care provider.

Chronic illness management

Chronic illnesses like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), osteoarthritis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease require ongoing care. Chronic illness management ensures you receive regular checkups, medication reviews, and essential support to promote better health and well-being.

Iryne specializes in managing patients who have HIV and must use antiretroviral therapy (ART) to manage their condition. She’s also an expert in geriatric care, understanding the specific needs older adults have and how to help them manage challenging conditions like HIV.


What benefits do medical house call services offer?

Medical house call services offer several significant benefits. If you have difficulties attending your health care provider’s office in person, medical house call services are ideal because you don’t have to leave your home.

Iryne visits you at a convenient time, completing your consultation exactly as you would expect at an office appointment. She uses mobile equipment to measure your blood pressure and blood oxygen levels, and provides treatments and prescriptions.

In addition, medical house call services are typically far less costly than visiting the hospital emergency room.

Call Zziwa Adult Clinical Practice to learn more about benefiting from medical house call services, or book an appointment online today.